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Update by user Jan 16, 2014

Ended up getting contacted by the company owner and he made the situation right and is sending me the product that I initially ordered, and informed me the CS rep that was so difficult to deal with has been let go. Due to this I will certainly consider ordering from them again.

Original review posted by user Jan 14, 2014

AVOID COMPRESSIONSALE.COM LIKE THE PLAGUE! Any positive review you read about this company is bought and paid for by them.

Anyone who has actually dealt with them would never say anything positive. These guys are liars and crooks, and judging from other reviews, I'm lucky I even got any product in return.

If you purchase and try on a product, they will only accept it back for store credit, no big deal, as this is their policy that I knew beforehand, however when you send in a return, they WILL NOT process it until they feel like it. You will literally be waiting for a month or more to get the products you paid for. Then after they sit on your return for a month or better, they will ignore your emails, tell you something has shipped when in fact it has not, and then to top it all off, they don't send the correct color.

After replying back to them regarding the latest screw up, they now simply ignore my emails.

If you want to purchase from a quality company that VALUES your business, go with a site like

They will accept any returns, will expedite any order to you whether it's new or an exchange, and just have generally all around good customer service. They sell the same products and you will never wait more than a week to get them, usually less.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Phoenix, Arizona, United States #785332

I agree, this company stole from me. I ordered two months ago, never received my product and when I filed a complaint with Paypal, I could not get my $ back.

At this point the company says that I can exchange the product, but how can I exchange with I NEVER received the product. I filed a BBB report, a report with the Attorney General of IL, and will make sure the company wishes that they had return my money for not shipping to me.

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